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2010 AIA Winter Loss Survey (please respond!)

Please take a few minutes to read the note to beekeepers below and complete the 2010 AIA Winter Loss Survey.???? This year the same survey tool is being used in the US, Canada and in Europe in hopes that we will be able to compare our information.???? I don’t have an extensive list of e-mail addresses for Michigan Beekeepers, so please pass this information along to beekeepers you know, and encourage members of your bee organizations to participate.
This years survey will be completed on line using the link below. I’ve participated in survey’s through the survey monkey program several times, and they are quite user friendly.
Survey will be collected through April 16.
Mike Hansen, State Apiarist, Michigan Department of Agriculture
Dear Beekeeper:
The Apiary Inspectors of America and the USDA-ARS Beltsville Bee
Research Laboratory are seeking your help in tabulating the winter
losses that occurred over the winter of 2009-2010. This continues the
AIA/USDA survey efforts from the past 3 years which has been important
in quantifying the losses of honey bees for government, media, and
This years survey is faster, easier and does not require your time on
the phone. It is all web based and automatic, just fill and click.
Please take a few moments to fill out our winter loss survey at:
This survey will be conducted until April 16th, 2010.
We would also appreciate it if you would forward this email to other
beekeepers. The more responses the better.
If you have any questions or concerns please email,
Thanks in advance for your assistance.
Jeff Pettis; USDA-ARS Beltsville Bee Research Laboratory
Dennis vanEngelsdorp; Penn State University
Jerry Hayes; Florida Department of Agriculture
Dewey Caron; University of Delaware and Oregon State University

5 comments to 2010 AIA Winter Loss Survey (please respond!)

  • Jim Smith

    I lossed all 4 hives this winter and also last winter


  • Zachary Huang

    please go to the link to do the survey. thanks. ZYH.

  • Charlie Knudstrup

    I lost 50 out of 74 hives. I think most of the losses were due to getting mite treatment on too late in the fall.

  • I tried to do the survey and it says it’s closed. I went into winter with 8 hives and I lost 3. The five that did survive are doing well. I did no treatments last fall whatsoever. I felt bad about losing 3 hives, since I had never lost one before, but now I hear that people are reporting losses way higher than that on average, so I guess I feel OK about it.


  • Stephen Tilmann

    I just took the surveys (both of them) and they worked fine.
    Steve Tilmann

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