By , on March 28th, 2010

Crocus still blooming

Saturday. Had a long MBA board meeting (10 – 13:00), then worked in office until around 3:30. Came home, saw the crocus still blooming and sunny (it had been returning to a bit of cold since my last photo session on St. Patrick’s day).

Before I went into the house, I took out the camera and shot a few photos.

a couple without bees:

A bee going into the flower

The same one coming out.

A closeup.

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

2 comments to Crocus still blooming

  • Stellar photos! I too had some crocuses blooming and was watching a foraging bee that was totally covered with yellow-orange pollen. Unfortunately my wife had our camera with her so was unable to get image. This may be projecting, but the honey bee seemed to be totally delighted to be covered with the first pollen of spring.

  • Zachary Huang

    Steve, nice to hear from you! thanks for all the help in getting the web into shape… Zach

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