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Varroa Mites Urgently Needed!

My lab at Michigan State University is conducting several studies on Varroa mites.  However, there is a lack of them this year in our research apiary.  We are willing to drive up 1-1.5 hrs away to come to your bee yard and harvest mites from them using sugar dusting.

If you do a preliminary test and let us know the mite levels, that would be even better.  Check this link to see how to do it.

We will only come if your hives are overwintered from last year (fresh package bees do not yield enough mites the first year), or if your initial dusting shows more than 30 mites per jar of bees.

Please email if you have some mites…

Thank you!

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

2 comments to Varroa Mites Urgently Needed!

  • buffalo sanders

    I have hives that are affected by mites and have them till mid dec the early the better due to the cold weather call me at 989-928-6840 to talk about this futher i will help out as much as possible.

  • Zachary Huang

    Mr. Sanders,

    Thank you for the offer. We have basically finished our toxicity studies — we managed to obtain about 4-5 thousand mites from our own colonies… Zachary Huang

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