By , on January 10th, 2011

Honey Bee Biology 1 [video]

This first lecture by Prof. Roger Hoopingarner talks about names, lineages and geography of the honey bees.

3 comments to Honey Bee Biology 1 [video]

  • Doug Krepps

    Is this working for anyone?

  • Zach

    It works for me. either Firefox or IE. on 2 different PCs.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The video is working OK for me. From your post, I would assume that it is not for you. Can you let me know the symptoms you are experiencing? Putting a video up on the MBA web site is new territory and Zach is still tweaking the system. Using video on the web site (which actually means on the server) puts new demands, not the least of which is band width. So letting us know what is happening on your end will help. Thanks
    Steve Tilmaan, MBA Treasurer

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