By , on May 15th, 2011

Disposing of Unwanted Pharmaceuticals

Mike Hanson, Michigan State Apiarist, has brought to the attention of the Michigan Beekeeper’s Association’s Board that the state has a program where beekeepers can take their unwanted pharmaceuticals and chemicals for free disposal.  The program,  known as “Clean Sweep”, allows beekeepers to keep these unwanted products out of environment by disposing of them in a proper manner.

Many beekeepers have out dated or unwarranted chemicals and pharmaceuticals on hand.  Simply disposing of these chemicals in the trash (which end up in land fills) or flushing them down the sewer (where they end up in our waters) is not the way to go.   The program can accept not only unwanted beekeeping related chemicals, but will also take unwanted agricultural chemicals and those out-of-date medicines in your medicine cabinet.

More information can be obtained at the Clean Sweep website: or you can call 517-241-3933 to find a conveniently located site or for more information.

Disposing of potentially harmful products the right way is good for our bees, good for your and good for Michigan.

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