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MBA Classified Ads Policies

The following are the policies and rates for placing an ad on the MBA web site.  Please read and understand these policies before you place your ad.

  • All ads are approved by MBA prior to being posted on the web site.  MBA decision final.
  • Ads must be “bee related”.
  • MBA reserves right to edit any ad (ie, remove links to inappropriate sites, etc).
  • Listing are chronological within category (newest shown first) unless there is one or more “featured ad” in that category.
  • Classified ad up to 250 characters long. 
  • Ads may be posted with 1 image (image is optional). 
  • “Featured ads” are available for a slight upcharge.  Featured ads have the following characteristics…
     They show at the top of the group within their category
     Featured ads have colored background and border. 
     Can be more than one featured ad per category group.
  • No refunds.  This includes ads that were placed and determined to be “not bee related”.  Advertiser can submit ad to MBA ahead of time for approval.
  • Active URLs (clickable links) within ad text are not allowed.  If you linked to a web site then that site must be “bee related”.
  • Advertisers will be sent a confirmation email when they place an ad.  This confirmation email will contain an “access key” which will allow you to edit and manage your ad.
  • Advertisers will be notified by email when their ad expires.
  • Since we communicate with advertisers via email, please ensure that emails from the domain “” will not end up in your spam folder.

Classified ad fees are as follows.


MBA Member


30-Day Ad



30-Day Ad, Featured



6-Month Ad



6-Month Ad, Featured



Annual Ad



Annual Ad, Featured




Swarm removal classified ads also get a placement on the Swarm Removal map.  Rates are as follows. 


MBA Member


Swarm Removal Ad & Map Placement



Cut Out Ad & Map Placement




2 comments to MBA Classified Ads Policies

  • David Payant

    THis is a very complicated procedure for placing a simple ad. I was told in the instructions to put my address in the form to assure my marker would be on the map. I was unable to find any place to put the address? There is no line for my street address. What do I do now?? I have paid but I am not on the map.??

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi David,
    Hope the snow up in the U.P. is below the eaves of your house! The placement process is as simple as we can make it given the tool that is being used on the web site. On the instructions page, step 3, there is a sentence that is in bold and in red that reads “You MUST enter your complete address on the FIRST line of the text. “. We suppose we should have added that your address is entered into the “ad details” text block, though that is what the paragraph is talking about. We’ll change the wording to try and make it a bit clearer.

    As to the delay before the map posting is done… Step 5 on the instructions page states that it may take up to a week before the map posting and ad appear. This is because all ads are reviewed and vetted (as stated on the instruction page) since we get all sorts of non-bee related attempts (bees do not need viagra from a Nigerian pharmacy) and implementing a map posting is a manual process.

    We have confirmed that your ad and map placement went through and have forwarded your information to the person responsible for making the map update. Your marker should be in place in a couple of days.

    Thanks for the feedback. We appreciate your support and hope to see you at the spring conference!
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

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