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2013 Spring Conference to Have Garden Hive Show & Competition

Garden-Hive-7It’s official!  There will be a Garden Hive show and competition at at the MBA 2013 spring conference!

The show and competition looks to be a lot of fun and promises to be the hit of the spring conference.  This is your opportunity to show off your hive decorating and workshop skills; we have heard rumors of some pretty ambitious projects.  Here are the details…

The Michigan Beekeepers’ Association, with sponsorship by the Michigan Honey Festival, will hold a Garden Hive show and competition as part of the 2013 MBA spring conference.  Garden hives will be on public display in the lobby of the Kellogg Center on the Michigan State University campus at the beginning of the ANR Week (March 4).  As you may know, ANR week is a campus wide event focusing on Michigan’s agriculatural and natural resources.  Thousands of people visit the campus during ANR week.

During the week-long display at the Kellogg Center, the public will be invited to vote for their favorite “garden hive” by placing a quarter in that hive’s “voting can”.  The funds collected from the votes will be donated to a school to be used in their beekeeping project.

When the MBA conference starts (March 8), the garden hives will be moved to the conference venue (still in the Kellogg Center but closer to the conference rooms).  There, conference attendees will have their opportunity to vote on their favorite garden hive.  At noon on Saturday, March 9, voting will close and the votes will be tallied.  The winner will receive a package of bees.

We encourage any and all to submit their garden hive to the show!  Besides being a great public educational event you may just end up with a package of bees for this spring.

Click here to download a Garden Hive Show & Competition brochure that you can share with your friends, your local bee club and the public.

The details…

Garden hives should be available for display on Monday March 4, although you can bring your garden hive to the beginning of the MBA conference on Friday, March 8 if you wish.  (Note: late entries will be at a disadvantage to those hives that have been on display since the beginning of ANR week.)  If you are unable to get your hive to the Kellogg Center, check with  your local bee club for some one that will be coming to East Lansing.

We ask that you let us know if you intend to submit a garden hive to the show.  You can click here to send Meissa an email

Rules are…
1)  Any bee hive may be submitted to the show.
2)  The bee hive must be functional
3)  You can start with a commercial garden hive or build one from scratch.
4)  Those submitting a garden hive for the show must complete a contest form   (available at the MBA web site).
5)  Submissions can be made up to and including the first day of the spring conference (March 8, 2013)
6)  Balloting will close at noon, Saturday March 9.  Decision of the competition committee will be final.

For more information….
Phone:  Melissa @ 810-241-6308

4 comments to 2013 Spring Conference to Have Garden Hive Show & Competition

  • Kay

    Where is the registration form for the Garden Hive Contest??

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Kay,
    Uh.. there is none. Contact Mellissa Jaskiewicz (email If you are submitting a garden hive, they will be put on display at the Kellogg Center between 11am and 1pm on Saturday, March 2.
    Steve Tilmann

  • Shawn

    Hello. I was told that there will be classes during the conference for making lip balm/chap stick with bees wax. Is this true and, if so, which day and times are the classes taking place? Also, will there be any other classes for making health and beauty products and what would be the day and times for those? Any helpful information would be very much appreciated. Thank you :o)

  • Stephen Tilmann

    All true. Go to and download the conference agenda and class description (two separate documents) and there you will find what you are looking for.

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