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Beginning Beekeeping Class in Lansing

 (Submitted by Mike Risk, President of COMB)

On Saturday, March 22  COMB (Center of Michigan Beekeepers) will hold our 5th annual winter beginners beekeeping classes.  The class will be held between the hours of 9:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M. at the MSU Pavilion located at 4301 Farm Ln. Lansing, MI 48910.

The book “Bee Essentials” by Dr. Lawrence Connor” will be given out and used as a guide for part of the class to each full priced registration.  Extra copies can be purchased at the class if needed.  This class is 7 hrs of classroom instruction aimed at the newer beekeeper, and will attempt to explain the basics in depth. The objective will be to prepare you to understand terminology, technical discussions and in depth seminars in the future. This will also help to you make educated decisions when you start on your hobby.  The main topics discussed will be the types of equipment, practices and techniques you may want to consider.

The full price for the class will be $40.00 and will include the book “Bee Essentials” by Dr. Lawrence Connor with the full priced registration fee.  Other family members and students may attend the class for the price of $20.00 each.  Additional books can be purchased on request at the class.  Dale Woods, Mike Risk and other club members will be instructors for the class.

We will have coffee, and juice in the morning.  Lunch details are still pending.

To register send registration checks to:
Mike Risk
7575 Hollister rd.
Laingsburg, MI

I can’t think of a better thing to do on a Saturday during the winter than to spend the day talking about Honey Bees.  The past classes have been a great success and these should be even better.  For any other questions please contact me by email at


10 comments to Beginning Beekeeping Class in Lansing

  • Betsy Oneill

    Hi! I want to learn more about bee keeping! I would really like to attend the beginners bee seminar you are holding in Lansing…however as a mother of three small children the drive is too far. Is there anything you can recommend to me? I am going to attempt to re-home some bees from an old tree that will be cut down mid spring and put them in a hive. Any seminars closer to Grand Rapids MI? Or perhaps someone I could talk to or e-mail? I have read “the bee keepers bible” cover to cover and learned a lot! I also ordered the book that will be covered at the Lansing seminar…any other recommendations you can give me would be great! Many Thanks! Betsy

  • Stephen Tilmann

    You may want to check out the Holland Area Beekeepers Association. They are having a beginners class in Holland on February 8. Check out their web site for more info and on line registration.

    Web site: Holland Area Beekeepers Association

    You should also really consider attending the 2014 spring MBA conference in Lansing on March 7 & 8, 2014. Go to the MBA web site for more info…

  • Michael Risk

    Just a note to let everyone know the class is full and we can take no more students. Thank you to all who are registered for the class and we will see you on March 22.

  • Sorry to see that the class is full i was really looking forward to learning something new. If there are any cancellations i would love to know ( as i’m sure many people would ) please let me know. Would there be any other classes in this area in the future ? Regards Khale Mackenzie

  • Stephen Tilmann

    COMB is the only club in the Lansing area offering beginning bee school. You might want to check with some of the other clubs (like Mid-Michigan or SEMBA). Also, Tim Bennet offers classes (see his display ad on the MBA web site page or contact

  • Kay W and Dan B

    Hi- We are interested in attending the March 22nd class at MSU. If additional spaces become available, please let us know. Thanks very much!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Kay & Dan,
    We will let the organizers know. You may want to contact Tim Bennet ( who may be offering a beginner’s class.

  • Michael Risk

    Hi Khale,Kay, & Dan
    I hate to to turn anyone down but we are over capacity and can’t take on any more students for this class. I do want to invite you to our Center of Michigan Beekeeper meeting on the second Monday of each month. We can help you get started and find a mentor in your area (if you are in our area) Beekeeping is such a fascinating hobby and there is so much to learn about honey bees.

  • Nicole Chalawich

    Hi!:just wondering if there is a class yet planned for winter 2015?
    Would hate to miss registration!!!!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Regarding the beginning beekeeping class… COMB (Center of Michigan Beekeepers) has plans for the class but it has not been scheduled as of yet (at least, not that we know of). We have forwarded you question to the COMB president, Mike Risk. Best way to keep on top of this is to attend the COMB meetings, which are held at 6:30pm on the 2nd Monday of each month at the MSU Pavilion.

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