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Preliminary 2013/2014 Winter Die Off Results for Michigan

We have received the following communication from Mike Hansen, the State Apiarist for Michigan…

“Karen Roccasecca, my counterpart from Pennsylvania, works closely with the Bee Informed Partnership and she recently shared the 2013-14 state by state colony lost data collected during the Bee Informed Bee Loss survey this past April.     Note that the Midwest states, MI, OH, IN, IL all had losses around 60%.    Michigan had one of the highest number of participants with over 360 validated responses.  However, from the colony totals in this report it’s apparent that we were mostly represented by smaller beekeeping operations.  For our commercial beekeepers, most of their bees were not overwintered in Michigan, and my understanding is that losses were much less for those colonies that were in the south.  

Thank you to the Michigan beekeepers who participated in this year’s survey.  Mike”

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