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Winter Loss Survey – Michigan Beekeepers Encouraged to Participate

Editor’s note:  We received this communication from Mike Hansen, the State Apiarist with the Michigan Department of Agriculture…

The Bee Informed Partnership will again be conducting a winter bee loss survey in the US this Spring.  The Apiary Inspectors have been asked to encourage bee keepers to participate in this survey, and I’ll certainly send word of the survey out to those that I have e-mail addresses for, and to the bee clubs asking them to have their members participate.

Since Commercial Beekeepers manage the largest portion of the bees, information from Commercial Beekeepers is especially appreciated.

For those beekeepers that prefer to receive a paper copy of a survey over taking an on-line survey, the Bee Informed Partnership (BIP)will mail out copies of the survey. To do this I need to supply BIP with the names and addresses of those people who would prefer to receive a paper copy of the survey. I’ll send those addresses directly to BIP, and they will send the surveys to the beekeepers.  That way BIP pays for the postage. What I need from you is a list of names and addresses of beekeepers that I can submit to BIP.

I will request copies of the paper survey document to put out at ANR week.  If they arrive on time, beekeepers may be able to take a copy home.   Perhaps we could put out a sign up sheet at or near the registration table at ANR week.

For the commercial beekeepers especially, I’d like to get a list of addresses and send those to BIP. The last list I had was from when the MCBA first formed, so that list is likely not complete, and perhaps inaccurate since it was based on hand written notes.

When the survey starts, I’ll send out information to the clubs that you can put on your website asking beekeepers to participate.

I am involved in this project from the standpoint that AIA supports the winter loss survey and we will support the efforts of BIP.  In the end, the same reports that are available to you are available to me.    If beekeepers are willing to include their e-mail address, I’ll add them to my list for those times when I send out information to beekeepers.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

Eiditor’s Note:  Mike’s email address is

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