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It is important that all beekeepers in Michigan support the Michigan Beekeeper’s Association…the oldest agriculatural organization in the state!

Membership in the MBA runs through December 31 of the current year.  For new members that join MBA after July 1  (and new members only), your membership will be extended through the next year.

You can check your membership status by clicking on the link below.  This will display a list of all MBA members showing the year of their membership.

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(Updated as of March 10, 2016)

Not getting MBA emails?  We may have a bad email address for you.

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When signing up or renewing your MBA membership on line, you can indicate if you are a member of a local bee club and, if so, which one.

Membership fees are:
$30.00 – single
$35.00 – family

Please note:  A “single” membership entitles the member to discounted registration rates to MBA events (for that member only).  A “family” membership entitles the member to register “guests” ( meaning spouse, partner and immediate children) at the discounted rate as well.

Click here to register as an MBA member on-line

Click here to display a printable MBA membership application form.

MBA Members Benefits 

The Michigan Beekeeper’s Association (MBA) was established in 1865.  By becoming a member of the MBA you are providing your support to the oldest continuously operating agricultural organization in the state of Michigan.  The MBA actively supports research for Michigan beekeeping and beekeepers.  The Association also promotes Michigan beekeeping through educational programs, legislative advocacy and community outreach.

By becoming a member of the MBA, you can enjoy the following benefits…

  • Meet and mingle with other beekeepers, people who share your passion for these amazing insects.
  • Discounts on subscriptions to the American Bee Journal, Bee Culture, and The Speedy Bee magazines.
  • Have a voice in legislation that directly affects beekeepers.
  • Take advantage of special learning opportunities: workshops, hands on classes, statewide meetings & events.
  • Registration discounts on spring, summer and fall meetings.
  • Substantial discounts on advertising and promoting your honey on the MBA web site.
  • Substantial discount for listing on the “Swarm Removal” map on the MBA web site.
  • Have MBA member exclusive access to the “Honey Locator” page on the MBA web site.

Beekeepers tend to be a highly involved group of folks who rarely pass on an opportunity to promote the business of keeping honey bees.  When asked why someone should join the MBA, we often turn this question around and ask “why you wouldn’t want to support the number one beekeeping advocacy group in Michigan?”


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25 comments to MBA Membership Application

  • Cathy

    Where on this site can I find a membership application to print off so I can mail it in. Also, those symbols are hard to read with the white back ground!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    On the same page on which you entered this comment, there is a link to print the membership application form. It reads: “Click here to display a printable membership application form”. When you do so, another page opens up with the form (it is a .pdf document). Your browser should also have a button which you can print the form.

    Here is the link to the form…

  • Cathy

    Thank you!

  • Ingrid

    1) Your above link to check on membership status does not work, and
    2) Is it possible to renew membership online, with ccard or paypal, instead of mailing a check?

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Thanks, Ingrid, for letting us know about the broken link.
    Yes, you can renew online. Go to “MBA Membership Application” page (the same page on which you entered your comment) and click on the link that says “Click here to register as an MBA member on-line”. You will have scroll down a bit to find this link.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Ben Schlenker

    This site says that I am able to get discounts on bee magazines, but it doesn’t tell me how. Please let me know how to get these benefits.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Check out this post on the MBA web site…
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer

  • Looking for the site to register for the Fall Meeting and reserve our rooms. Maybe I’m missing it. Can you help us? Thanks, Colleen

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Page should be available later today, September 19.

  • Robert Hollis

    The hotel block of rooms is sold out can MBA get more rooms

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The short answer is “no”. The hotel is completely booked full.

  • Gary Lemke

    Are there any chapters or any other bee groups in the Grand Rapids metro area? I am just starting out and know 5 other beekeepers in the area but not of a group that meets regularly?

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The closest organized club in the Grand Rapids area is the Holland club (Holland Area Beekeepers Association). Contact person is Don Lam at (email) or 616-335-2707 (phone). Their web site is

    This is not to say that a club could not get going in G.R. All it takes is a few motivated individuals. The MBA can help. There are certainly enough beekeepers in the G.R. area to make this happen. Another good resource would be the people at Grand Valley State University (contact Anne Marie Fauvel at 616-566-2576 or
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Robin Haysmer

    My name is Robin and I am 57 and I am very interested in becoming a beekeeper,I have read the book the thinking beekeeper and I would like to learn how to handle bees I do not want to “just jump in and do it ” and I do not know where I can learn this profession so I am seeking your help, I am aware of the different types of hives out there and I am interested in the top bar type hive, I have built a top bar hive from plans I got off the web and I would like to start raising bees, and do I have to become a member of the MBA to learn thta is no problem if I do, I would like to start learning now for the upcoming season ( spring ) I have read about collecting swarms and have the stuff to do so however I feel I need to have some hands on befor I begin, your help will be greatly appreciated. Thank You Rob Haysmer

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Congratulations. Beekeeping is a very rewarding experience. First, you should definitely consider attending the spring MBA conference. It is happening in just a few days, March 7 & 8 at the Kellogg Center on the MSU campus. Two days: packed with classes (for all levels) and vendors and beekeepers and speakers. We can think of no better place to get started than the conference. See the MBA web site for more info. You only have three days left to pre-register, so don’t delay.

    We’ll say this once again, think about coming to the MBA spring conference.

    Next, find out where your local bee club meets and start attending. Again, the MBA web site is the place to look for clubs. These clubs have monthly meetings which always has timely topics. You can also network, find mentors, learn.

    Your biggest issue right now is getting a package of bees to get started with. Supply is short and may be out by now. Try the classifieds on the MBA web site. Or come to the conference and place your order, if it is not too late by then.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Robin Haysmer

    Thank You I will try to make the conference, Thanks Again

  • Kevin V

    Good Afternoon everyone I have been thinking seriously about starting beekeeping for 2 years. I want to start this spring but was looking for a group to join around the grand blanc area. Read a lot but would like a group or individuals help.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    It is a very good idea to connect with a local bee club. Check out the “local clubs” page on the “Inside MBA” tab on the MBA web site. There is a list of clubs and you can find the closest. Another good choice is to come to the MBA spring conference (March 7 & 8) which is only two days away. Two days packed with classes, vendors and networking. Pre-registration closes tonight, but you can register at the door. More info on the “2014 Spring Conference” page on the MBA web site.

  • Piano Links

    I own read your article. It’s truly helpful. We may benefit lots from it all. Fluent writing style and even ivid thoughts make people readers enjoy reading. I could share ones own opinions along with my good friends.

  • if I sell honey from my home do I need labels.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The short answer is “yes”. Search the MBA website for the keywords “cottage foods” and read up on this. Pay particular attention to the video of the Mich Dept of Ag on this topic that was presented at the sprint 2010 MBA conference. The article was posted on July 27, 2011 and is titled “ANR meeting videos”.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Waclaw Swiecicki

    TO : Beekeepers Associations in the World

    Dear Beekeepers

    We are all concerned about what is going on with global beekeeping and the problem of genetically modified transgenic crops impact on bees, honey, soils and ecosystems. 1
    If you are involved in the issue of GMO anomalies they bring to beekeeping, please send us your opinions and give us contacts to those who could shed new light on the problem.

    In our 2015 Almanach we would like to insert some opinions and news relevant to the matter of genetically modified transgenic crops and their impact on bees, honey, soils and ecosystems.
    I invite You to support the international initiative of Mexico Coalition calls for the Parties to the Convention on Biological Diversity and its Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety to take action to stop the spread of genetically engineered organisms into the environment. Make coalition with all beekeepers and environment stakeholders and other organizations to stop uncontrolled spread of GM crops and genetic pollution.2
    In International Year of Soils 2015 I invite You also to interact with soil scientists to build the world coalition against the spread of GM crops,especially not authorized dangerous to bees and human and animal life.3

    I would be grateful receiving opinion of Your Association, or individual beekeeper, if possible.

    Wishing You a good honey season

    Waclaw Swiecicki

    Beekeepers Discussion Club
    Warsaw, Poland , EU
    Almanach of Polish Beekeepers

    E mail:

  • Thomas Rauch

    I’m just wondering how much a life membership costs. Thanks

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Tom,
    The MBA at this time does not have a life membership available. Our life members are from days gone by when there was a service requirement in order to become a life member. However, this topic comes up from time to time at the board meetings and we would not be surprised to see a life membership reinstated. We would welcome your ideas as to how this would work.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Your article and the photograph inspired me.

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