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Support the Michigan Beekeeper’s Association…the oldest agricultural organization in the state!

Membership in the MBA runs through December 31 of the current year.  For new members that join MBA after July 1  (and new members only), your membership will be extended through the next year.

You can check your membership status by clicking on the link below.  This will display a list of all MBA members showing the year of their membership.

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Not getting MBA emails?  We may have a bad email address for you.

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When signing up or renewing your MBA membership on line, you can indicate if you are a member of a local bee club and, if so, which one.

Membership fees:
$30.00 – single
$35.00 – family

Please note:  A “single” membership entitles the member to discounted registration rates to MBA events (for that member only).  A “family” membership entitles the member to register “guests” (spouse, partner and immediate children) at the discounted rate as well.

Click here to register as an MBA member on-line

Click here to display a printable MBA membership application form.

MBA Members Benefits 

The Michigan Beekeeper’s Association (MBA) was established in 1865.  By becoming a member of the MBA you are providing your support to the oldest continuously operating agricultural organization in the state of Michigan.  The MBA actively supports research for Michigan beekeeping and beekeepers.  The Association also promotes Michigan beekeeping through educational programs, legislative advocacy and community outreach.

By becoming a member of the MBA, you can enjoy the following benefits…

  • Meet and mingle with other beekeepers, people who share your passion for these amazing insects.
  • Discounts on subscriptions to the American Bee Journal, Bee Culture, and The Speedy Bee magazines.
  • Have a voice in legislation that directly affects beekeepers.
  • Take advantage of special learning opportunities: workshops, hands on classes, statewide meetings & events.
  • Registration discounts on spring, summer and fall meetings.
  • Substantial discounts on advertising and promoting your honey on the MBA web site.
  • Free listing on the “Swarm Removal” map on the MBA web site.
  • Have MBA member exclusive access to the “Honey Locator” page on the MBA web site.

Beekeepers tend to be a highly involved group of folks who rarely pass on an opportunity to promote the business of keeping honey bees.  When asked why someone should join the MBA, we often turn this question around and ask “why you wouldn’t want to support the number one beekeeping advocacy group in Michigan?”


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