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Beekeeping in Michigan’s Upper Pennisula

Most of Michigan’s trolls don’t realize just how active the U.P. beekeepers are!  Recently, Terry Toland, MBA President, ventured north and paid a visit to the Superior Beekeeping Club.  Here is a report, from the UP’ers’ point of view.…

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Hive House For Rest and Rejuvination

Joel Lantz, well known beekeeper in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, has embarked on a project that should be of interest to a lot of be7007074ekeepers.  He is building a “Hive House” which is a small building housing …

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Breeding a Better Queen for Michigan

Editor’s note:  We received the following communication from Meghan Milbrath, Coordinator of the Michigan Pollinator Initiative and also the Northern Bee Network…

Hello all –
Purdue University has been breeding queens from colonies with high grooming behavior – selecting …

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The Healthy Food/Healthy Bees Connection is here!

Looking For an Organic Farm to Place Your Bees? Looking for Bees for your Organic Farm?

 The Healthy Food/Healthy Bees Connection is here!

I am partnering with John Hooper of the Michigan Organic Food and Farm Alliance ( to …

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Matthew Smith – Maker of the Spring Conference Bee Skep

Letter to MI Beekeeepers - Matthew Smith