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  • Jamie Sansone

    Hello, my name is Jamie Sansone and I a Sustainable Business student at Aquinas College in Grand Rapids Michigan. Last fall I started a beekeeping club at Aquinas called “Keeping Bees” with a biology professor Clark Danderson. As a sustainable business student my interest in bees started after attending an outside workshop on beekeeping with Anne Fauvel from GVSU. I contacted her over the summer and visited GVSU’s apiary with Dr. Danderson. We watched the honey extraction in July. The most thrilling experience was when we got suited up with smokers and identified the types of bees in the hives.

    The cost of starting and maintaining the bees is roughly $2,000 depending where we buy our equipment (used vs. new). Our clubs first goal is to create awareness and make connections in the greater Grand Rapids community. As a new club we only have $200 therefore it is important to read out to organizations such as WMEAC, Fredrick Meijer Gardens, and Pierce Cedar Creek Institute, the Michigan Beekeepers Association and surrounding colleges for support and guidance. Our club held a bake sale on campus and raised $100. As college students, we challenged and passionate to find ways to promote our cause and raise interest in bringing a field-based component into our educational community. $2,000. We have reached out to the downtown Grand Rapids Market and Melody Bee Farms whom are interested, supportive and have offered help in other ways but we are unable to start the bee yard until equipment can be purchased and installed in our dedicated location on campus.

    Again, the purpose of our club is to establish an apiary on campus. In addition to the many environmental benefits of beekeeping, the apiary would provide opportunities for students to experience field based research projects and studies. “Keeping Bees” is currently trying to raise money to start building the apiary. Funding would be used to purchase equipment for the bee yard. The equipment required includes the bees, bee box, smoker and two suites (one each for a professor & student).

    The Aquinas College community would be made aware of your contributions in the hopes that your generous act would not go unrecognized. Any advice to help further progress the club would be very appreciated.

    Thank you,
    Jamie Sansone
    Founder – Keeping Bees

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