Members with Missing or Bad Email Addresses

The following lists shows MBA members with either no email address on file or email addresses that “bounced” because the address MBA had was either invalid or inactive.

If you find your name on this list, then we ask that you contact MBA and let us know the correct information.  Thanks!

Members with Bad Email Addresses (Bounced)  (Current as of 09/11/2012)

Members with No Email Addresses  (Current as of 01/19/2012)

To contact MBA, simply enter your message in the “response” section below.  If you provide your email in your response, we will not publish this information on our web site.

Or you may email the MBA at  Thanks!

4 comments to Members with Missing or Bad Email Addresses

  • Hello! we just renewed our membership and corrected our e-mail. Is our membership really only good until March? thanks! melissa

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Membership in the MBA runs on a calendar year basis. Your membership is good through December 31 of the year you join. In you renew your membership after November 1, that renewal is good for the following year. New members (and new members only) who join after July 1 have their new membership good through December 31 of the following year; in effect, they get the remainder of the year they join for free!
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer

  • Jamie Sansone

    Hello I would like to receive e-mails from the MBA and notifications for the monthly meetings in Holland and Kalamazoo. I would like to confirm that my e-mail is added to the list. Thank you.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    We have confirmed that you are on our “general interest” list, which means that you will be receiving occasional emails from the MBA. The local clubs, like Holland and Kalamazoo, handle their own correspondence. SO you will have to check with them individually to get on their list.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasuser
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

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