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48 comments to Honey Locator Map

  • Rebecca

    Hello MBA,
    We are a commercial honey packer located in southeast Michigan. We have recently launched a Michigan raw honey product and because we would like to expand our Michigan honey distribution we are in search of beekeepers to supply quality Michigan honey. Is there a listing anywhere on your website of members who sell honey by the drum? Ideally we would purchase in quantities of 20+ drums; picked up, drums exchanged. Beekeepers who work together would be welcome to combine their honey to make loads. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
    Thank you,
    517-467-2482 x 115

  • john

    It has been a spotty experience so far.

    I have two colonies started,

    colony 1 had signs of a queen (laid eggs)
    I have been feeding from hive top feeders since I installed the colonies (late April), 1:1 sugar syrup. colony 1 never ate any syrup, it would discolor and rot and generally just drown bees. I tried to keep the sugar feeder and syrup fresh and clean. I observed a full thriving brood box on 1June, placed the second brood box on top and kept on feeding. As of 21June none of the second brood box is drawn out, though there were bees (just a few, ~1 or 200)n the box. They also hadn’t touched the syrup, it was at or near the same level I supplied.

    colony 2 had no signs of a queen (no eggs observed and lot of random brown cells). I didn’t try to fix colony 2 as I observed queen cells being formed and thought I’d let it go naturally.
    I have been feeding from hive top feeders since I installed the colonies (late April), 1:1 sugar syrup. colony 2 always eats the syrup, and seems to gobble up anything I put out there quickly. I observed a full brood box (same as colony 1) on 1June, and added another brood box. As of 21June no comb on the top brood box and and only a few bees in and around it (exactly like colony 1), however they had drunk all of the syrup, the feeder was bone dry and clean.

    both are nestled in a wooded area next to my pond, there is plenty of shade, dappled sunshine and water. I have only been inspecting rarely to sporadically (every ~10 to 14 days, once longer as I had a business trip to China)

    I have high hopes for a little honey(just a little) this year, and strong hives for a strong 2014.

    I decided that regardless of the situation they still need some help to draw out the comb on the second brood box so I took down some fresh sugar water (1:1) for both hives.

    in both cases the second super had bees but were completely free of comb.

    I took the time to take a good look at the bottom brood boxes, and in both cases i saw a lot of capped honey in the top, queen cells in the bottom, and a lot of uncapped cells that looked liquid filled. No eggs or empty cells anywhere in the bottom brood box.

    any ideas?
    any council?
    I am in south Lyon and will pay for assistance.


  • Susan Lee

    Former beekeeper, lost hives in divorce……miss the bees not the ex!! Cant have hives at my condo but dream of the day I can retire, move and keep bees again. But needing some beeswax. Dosent need to be pure or filtered. Just want it to treat an old fireplace surround. It is cast iron and heard if you clean it well with bees wax and very fine steel wool can restore the luster of the metal. As well as retard rust formation. Are you aware of this? Do you have a source of wax? I would maybe need 1/4c solid wax or just loose pieces that would equal about 1/4 cup. Thanks for your time. Keep keeping our wonderful bees!!!

  • Eileen Holzman

    Hi, I am currently in Tampa, Florida and will be returning to West Bloomfield, MI August 22, 2012. My partner and I are considering the possibility of producing a product for which raw honey will be an essential ingredient. As I am a resident of Michigan I would prefer to use local honey producers as my resource for the project. Can you give me some idea of what quantities would be available for purchase for use in a food product? Or would you suggest that I give you some idea of the quantities we will need. We are just getting started with this project and will appreciate any suggestions you wish to offer. Thank you, Eileen Holzman and Peter Somasky

  • Stephen Tilmann

    There are plenty of sources for local honey in Michigan. Your comment on this page is the place to start. You may want to contact a few of the beekeepers in your area and start a discussion. You should have an idea of how much honey you will need. Most beekeepers have no problem selling their honey; the demand for local, quality honey will always exceed the supply. If you want real, 100% honey then buy it direct from the beekeeper. Once honey gets into the distribution chain, all bets are off as to what happens to it.

    You may also be interested in checking out the Michigan Cottage Foods Act.

  • Carl

    I am in Ferndale, MI and looking for a good source for beeswax for candle manufacture. I am looking to support a smaller producer, with a product that is less refined. Thanks!

  • Laurie

    Hello, I would like to find local honey. I know that there are bee keepers that have hives in the field behind our property but have never see who they are. We have LOTS of bees each year around our property.

    Buchanan, MI

  • Mike Lambert

    I am looking for local Honey close if possible to west bloomfield,mi

  • I am looking for raw honey in the Sturgis area. Please help?

  • Todd

    I am in need of bees wax near Monroe Mi if you are or know of local beekeeper please let me know tdandmeg@sbcglobal.net

  • mary perreault

    Hi Stephan,
    I am looking for a particular farm in Ann Arbor that produces PUre raw honey. It’s called Misty Morning Meadow Farm on3500 Diuble Road..48103. If you have a phone number or email address, I would be thrilled. Thank you,

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Mary,
    No such address in the MBA data base. So we can’t help from this end. Maybe someone else can.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Wendy von Zirpolo


    We’re considering beekeeping. We are located in Buckley (south of Traverse City). Are there members in our area? Suppliers? Suggestions?

    Thank you,

    Wendy & Gini

  • Philip Grocki

    I live in Troy, Mich. and looking for a location (or personal contact) near me that would welcome a small 8-frame garden hive that I would manage. In my particular Troy neighborhood the houses are in pretty good proximity to each other. My obvious fear is disturbing other neighbors with my apiary interests. Than you.

  • Mike Lambert

    I live in Sterling Heights and have the Honey that you are requesting. You can e-mail me at bobgreer3@yahoo.com

    Bob Greer

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Beekeeping is a wonderful activity which is full of rewards and satisfaction. In the Traverse City area, we have a number of MBA members some of whom have expressed an interest in forming a local bee club. It hasn’t hit critical mass yet, but you should keep an eye on this web site for future developments. If you are interested in helping form a club, let us know.

    As for suppliers, there are a number of bee equipment (and bee packages) suppliers in Michigan. There are also a number of national catalog companies out there. We recommend that you Google “bee suppliers” and get their catalogs (free for most of them). The bee companies don’t want you to fail and their catalogs are packed with good information.

    Also, you should definitely think about attending the 2014 MBA spring conference in East Lansing. Our vendor room will be packed with folks that can supply all of what you need, and then some. The conference is March 7 & 8 and more information will soon be posted on the MBA web site. The conference is two days of classes, activities and networking. It is THE beekeeping event in Michigan!

  • nicole mason

    I live in Roseville, mi and is looking to purchase fresh organic bee pollen. Can someone advise me where I can get it locally? Thanks

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Try Rich Wieske in Detroit. Email is rich@greentoegardens.com. We have forwarded your question to Rich.

  • David

    Boyne area farm land interested in lending property for bee keeping.

  • I it too cold for bees in Traverse County?!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The short answer is “no”. There are beekeepers in the U.P. and in Canada (Saskatchawan, Manitoba) and even in Alaska!

  • Vickie Hill

    I manage a small grocery store in Reading, MI and am interested in selling local honey in my store. I looked at the vendors’ list, but there are no addresses that list the towns, so I do not know who to contact. I would appreciate any information you could provide. Reading is located on the border of Michigan, Indiana and Ohio to better acquaint you with the town. I look forward to hearing back from you. My email is ladyvic50@chartermi.net

  • Peipei

    Hi I want to buy locally produced bee pollen in Ann Arbor. Could you help me find any sellers with their contact information? Thanks!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Try Rich Wieske at email rich@greentoegardens.com.

  • Kelsey Ellis

    Hello, I have a hobby farm in perry mi (east of lansing) and would like to expand my small farm to include beekeeping. I have done my own research with books but hope to get a more up close experience before taking on my own colony. Are there any beekeepers in my area who would allow me to shadow them for a couple hours? Thank you in advance!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Kelsey,
    Congratulations on your interest in beekeeping! It is an endeavor that has many rewards.

    Your best bet to hook up with a mentor is to attend a meeting at a local bee club. Check out the club listings on the MBA web site to find on near you. Probably your best bet is the COMB (Center of Michigan Beekeepers) which meets the second Monday of each month at 6:30pm at the Pavilion on the MSU campus.

    If you are thinking about starting this year (2014), then you need to make your move now. The issue is getting a starter package of bees. Packages are sold out for this year, but there are still some nucs (small starter colonies) still available. In a couple of weeks, this may not be the case.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Colleen Davison

    Hello Philip and others,

    Would like to talk to you about the possibly of housing your beehive at the Cranbrook House and Gardens. Bloomfield Hill, Michigan

  • Stephen Tilmann

    We have forwarded your request to others who may be able to help.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • A friend told me I should buy locally produced honey it would help me build up immunity for my allergies which I have all year long. I was tested. I am allergic to dust, mold, dogs cats which I have neither. My allergies literally are making me bats I take Zyrtec daily and a genetic sudafed. Please I’m desperate I live in Livonia (Wayne County) Michigan. Ty Kathy

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Many, many people take honey for allergies. The efficacy of honey for allergies is somewhat anecdotal as the big science guys (read… the drug companies) are not going to invest any research money into a “cure” that they cannot patent. Still, ask any beekeeper about their allergies. Personally, we have not had sniffles or sneezing (particularly in the fall) since we started beekeeping over 15 years ago. We eat a lot of honey.

    Try taking a teaspoon a day. Of course, you want local “raw” honey. The stuff you buy in the stores is processed to remove all of the pollen (to extend the liquid state) which, of course, is what you are looking for. The processing of this store-bought honey also takes out many of the subtleties and flavors which makes local honey so special. Also, you don’t know what is in this source of honey; there are a lot of economic incentives to cut honey with other stuff (such as corn syrup). And then there is honey made off-shore, which is where most of the honey you see in the stores comes from.

    If you want real honey, buy it from a beekeeper.

  • Melanie

    I’m looking for local honey but the map on this page shows nothing in the northern Macomb/ southern St. Clair county areas. Are there any around here?

  • Luann

    We have some honey bees that look like they are trying to find a place to establish a hive. We are trying to find someone in our area that could move them into a box and possibly transport them. Could you have us some contacts. We live in St. Clair You may call us at 810-329-8763. Thank you.

  • Kiran

    I live in Troy, MI. Recently my doctor suggested to take honey every day morning and he also suggested to get the Raw Honey if possible. I was browsing for raw honey and come across this web site. I see people are getting help to find out nearest honey keepers to get the raw honey. Please suggest if any nearest place where I get raw honey.

    My email ID: email.generic.tome@gmail.com


  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Kiran,
    Raw honey is best purchased directly from the beekeeper. Anything you see in the stores has been processed (ultra-filtered to remove what you are looking for in raw honey), probably pasteurized, and most likely not from local apiaries (probably imported from foreign sources which have little to no standards).

    In your area, you may want to contact Rich Wieske (rich@greentoegardens.com). There are also other beekeepers in your area that have local, raw honey.

  • renee wilkins

    Hi, i am looking for raw honey as close to livonia mi as possible…. my son and i suffer from allergies, and my dad says this is the best way to treat them naturally.

  • Hank Hajduk

    Can you tell me the status of – Gearig Apiaries, on Luce road, in Ithaca, MI ?

  • C Houts

    I make homemade soaps, lip balms,salves etc in coldwater mi. I am looking for a local beekeeper to sell me honey and beeswax.

  • William Rautio

    is there anyone out there having a problem with bear damage on their hives in the Gladwin bear area, just got tag for 2014 season? send info to wrautio@yahoo.com will try to help.

  • Richard Axford

    Look closely outside your homes fields and you notice the distinct absence of bees buzzing around never have I seen this so bad no bees year is a bad deal for many crops driving prices up because lack of producing fruits late frost by a month or so in Michigan. I work as a volunteer at Indian Springs Golf Course and where bees usually are very plentiful I haven’t seen them around the sweet clover. or any flowering items where they normally shoot golf balls we are knee deep in bees ,but not this year.

    7 minutes ago · Like

  • Kecia

    Located in sw MI between GR and Kalamazoo. I would like to start beekeeping. I would like to visit an apiary and see what all we need to get started. Is there anyone in the area willing to help?
    Thank You

  • Stephen Tilmann

    You may want to contact one of the local beekeeping clubs. There is one in Kalamazoo. Email is amoose36@choiceonmail.com. You can find other local clubs on the MBA web site at http://www.michiganbees.org/about/clubs/

  • Pennie Rienas

    Melanie did you ever find local honey in your area? I have a friend that sells honey in Bruce Twp. that is pretty close. Send me an Email and i will send you her info. homemaid@hotmail.com

  • Jim

    I am new to beekeeping. And I do live in Michigan. I was wondering if there are any commercial honey packers ( not sure if that’s the right name ) that buys honey from other beekeepers then bottle it and sell to stores and etc. If I have to travel that’s ok cause I am willing to go anywhere in michigan to sell. As of now I and small time beekeeper but plan on growing. My email is james49080@gmail.com. any help would be appreciated. GOD BLESS and thank
    I live in the Plainwell area south of grand rapids and north of kalamazoo and adivce on best way to sell my honey. Thank you.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    There are many, many outlets for honey… in either large or small quantities. There is always direct marketing, which yields the best returns. Then there are opportunities to sell to retailers, which are not hard to find.

    As far as bulk purchasers, you may want to look at Honey Tree, in Onsted, Michigan. They have a “true source” program, which basically in a honey-packing industry initiative that identifies where honey is from. There is another buyer in Onsted, Groebe Farms, which recently reorganized after they were busted for illegal importing Chinese honey.

  • Renee

    My husband and I have decided to start a hive. Super excited!! I have been reading and trying to learn so we are ready in the spring. My question is about purchasing bees. I see that package bees sell out fast. When is a good time of the year to purchase bees? I just don’t want to wait till it is too late to purchase the bees.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Congratulations on your enthusiasm! Our best suggestion (actually, several) is to…
    1) Join a local bee club (see our web page http://www.michiganbees.org/about/clubs/). This is a great source of help. Most local clubs go together to group purchase packaged bees. At least you will know when to order them.
    2) Join the MBA, or at least come to the spring (and maybe the fall) conference. The spring conference is March 6 & 7 at MSU. It is two days packed full of classes, beekeepers and vendors. A great place to learn, network and shop. The fall conference is coming up shortly (October24 & 25, 2014) in Flint. A day and a half of classes, vendors and networking. Info on both of these conference can be found on our web site.

    You are correct: package bees sell out quickly. You should be thinking about placing your order soon into the new year. Dadant’s in Albion has them, as do a number of other sources (such as Turtlebee Farms, and others). Another option is a nuc (started colony). Our local club (COMB which meets in Lansing) starts getting our order together in January. You definitely should have everything ordered by the end of February.

  • Ryan Whelpley

    Hi I’m Ryan and I live in Livonia Michigan. I am searching for a very local sorcerer of raw honey. I am also looking for buckwheat honey. These will be used to boost my immune system. Also looking for a source of bees wax for candle making and preservation. I have been looking for a few months and can’t find anyone. Please help. Thank you.

  • Jim

    Stephen Tilmann

    Thank you for replying and for the advice. Much appreciated and I found the info most helpful thanks againGOD BLESS

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