Beekeeping Association in Michigan:

  1. Center of Michigan Beekeepers Association (COMB)
  2. Holland Areas Beekeepers Association (web)
  3. Kalamazoo Bee Club (web)
  4. Michiana Beekeepers (web)
  5. Mid Michigan Beekeepers Association (web)
  6. Saginaw Valley Beekeepers Association (Svaba)
  7. Southeast Michigan Beekeepers Association (Semba)

Regional Associations

  1. Eastern Apicultural Association (EAS)
  2. Heartland Apicultural Association (HAS)
  3. Western Apicultural Association (WAS)

National Associations/Organizations

  1. American Association of Professional Apiculturists (AAPA)
  2. Amerian Beekeeping Federation (ABF)
  3. American Honey Producers Association (AHPA)
  4. Apiary Inspectors of America (AIA)
  5. Foundation for the Preversatoin of Honey Bees (web)
  6. North American Pollinator Protection Campaign (NAPPC)
  7. National Honey Board (NHB)
  8. Pollinator Partnership (web)
  9. Project Apis m (PAm)

Other sites of interest

  1. Bee friendly landscaping
  2. Walter T Kelly Company Newsletter
  3. A list of laboratories where beekeepers can send honey bee samples. Diagnosis of varroa, nosema, pesticides, etc. available. Also wax, pollen and related honey bee analyses. (link needed)
  4. A (new) organization to promote alternate pollinators:

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  • Hello!

    I am the Outreach Manager for Reach Out and Read Michigan, an early literacy program working to put books into the hands of children age 6 months through 5 years at their well-child checkups.

    Our annual event is the Big Buzz Adult Spelling Bee – in fact, we have our very fun fundraiser on April 22nd in Novi.

    I just found your website and on the wild chance that your association or some members might want to attend or sponsor or donate a gift basket, I thought I’d ask!

    For more information on it, please go to our website –

    Thanks so much!
    Wendy Shepherd

  • My name is Terri. We are hosting a fall festival at our school (St. Paul Lutheran – Millington) on Sept. 30 & Oct. 1, 2011. It was held at a local orchard, but they are no longer able to host it, due to health issues. I’m hoping to get from 2000-3000 visitors. They had many more attend this event, but this is our first year.

    We will have different vendors, crafters and exhibitors attending. We are a farming community and I am put in charge of setting up an agricultural information section at the festival, so I was wondering if you had any informational posters, flyers, recipes, samples or trinkets (pencils, stickers, balloons) we could hand out in a booth. I work at the school our # is 989-871-4581 ext. 4 & my home # is 989-871-2861. I would appreciate anything you have that could help us out. Thank you, Terri

  • gary simison

    I am interested in beekeeping. Im a novice and I live in Gladstone Michigan would like too harvest the honey for the purpose of selling it commercially. I am seeking advise on all aspects of beekeeping your help would be appreciated. I have lots of time to devote to this adventure.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The following was a reply I posted June 26, 2012, to a comment posted by Keith Kolberg. He had a very similar request as yours. I have changed the original reply a bit since you are in the UP.

    Beekeeping is a very rewarding hobby, in many different ways. If you are into habitat improvement, then beekeeping is a natural. If you share a wonder of nature, then beekeeping is a natural. If you like the out-of-doors, then beekeeping is a natural. If you like to give a lot to your property and get a little back, then beekeeping is a natural.

    The first place to start is to hook up with a local beekeeping club. In your case there are no “forma” bee clubs in the U.P. but there are groups of beekeepers who get together. The trick is to locate such a group. I would contact the Michigan Beekeepers’ Assocition (MBA) distric rep in the UP and ask. The contact info is: Ed Wright 906-341-5715, John Hugo 810-714-9027 and Melissa Hronkin 906-883-3894.

    The second step is to consider joining the Michigan Beekeepers’ Assocation (MBA). We are a state-wide association of beekeepers and a source of a lot of good information and help. We hold a spring conference (at MSU in Lansing) that is jam packed with classes and featured speakers. It is a “must attend” event for the state’s beekeepers. We also hold a summer conference (picnic) and a fall conference.

    I would also recommend getting the various catalogs for beekeeping. There are several and easy to locate (Google beekeeping equipment) and free. The catalog folks don’t want you to fail and pack their catalogs with a lot of good information. Perusing the catalogs will also give you an idea as to the equipment and tools that you will need. Another good source of info is the American Bee Journal; you probably can find copies in the Kalamazoo library. The journal is one of the few magazines that I read cover to cover as soon as it arrives.

    Look around for a mentor. They are out there. A good mentor will help you down the trail and can offer assistance, advice and encouragement. Your local bee club is the place to start looking.

    Good luck… and stay in touch!
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Lenny

    Hi I live in the Chicago area ,been keeping bees for 4 years. Will be moveing soon to the Ludington area. Was asking if there is any bee group in the Ludington area or surrounding, I could look up. Thanks for any advise. Lenny.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Welcome to Michigan! The closest local bee club to Ludington is in Holland. You can find the contact on the MBA’s web site page for local clubs. It is a bit of a hike from Ludington to Holland. We see the rumblings of a local bee club that may start in the Traverse City area, which might be a bit closer. Nothing definite of this new club… but you will learn first about it on the MBA web site.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Wilbur Sewell

    When I go to the Link for COMB it doesn’t go the Club Site. Would it be possible to get this corrected? I think the url for Comb is

    Thank You,

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Thanks for the heads up Wilbur.

  • Phillip Chevela

    Hi Steve,
    I now live in the Traverse City area,
    Do we have a bee keeping club here in the Grand Traverse or Leelanau counties.
    Planning to start a Pollination service here during retirement! It’s nice to be a member again.


    Phil Chevela

  • Stephen Tilmann

    There are no bee clubs in the T.C. area. We have had several people ask this same question and a few seemed to indicate that they would be willing to help start one. What is needed is someone to get the ball rolling up there. The MBA can help. Refer to the MBA bylaws for what is needed in order to be “recognized” as official (specifically Article XVI). We may be able to help in other ways, such as providing a list of beekeepers in your area. Let me know.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Mary McCreadie

    The link for the Kzoo bee club is incorrect. I think it’s

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Mary,
    The Kalamazoo Bee Club has recently settled on a new URL for their web site…

  • Matthew Lesky

    Hi all. I’m a first year beekeeper (hopefully) and I’m looking for some advice on where to get bees. I would like to get some bees that originate from stock that have been bred in Michigan (or at least the Great Lakes area) and I’m not having much success on the Internet. I’m going to be running a top bar hive and would prefer to get a nuc, but package bees would work as well. Any advice/suggestions would be appreciated. I will be at the conference in March.

  • David Ouellette

    To Stephen Tillman;

    Loved your piece on making a Honey Bucket heater. I’m not in Michigan but being in New England I continually have the problem of honey solidifying in 5 gallon pail if I do not bottle soon after allowing it to settle. I was prepared to build the insulated box but realized that I already had a perfect insulated box and so retasked an old broken refrigerator. Only needed to wire it with the 60 watt bulb(can’t get the 100 watt anymore) which costs about $10.

    Works great and have been working to melt a 5 gallon pail. Using a solidified 8 oz jar as an indicator. I have been running it at 100-105F as recommended and it is slow to melt completely (going on day 4). You said 48 hrs at this temp to melt 5 gal.. Am running closer to 105F now but based on your recommendation do not want to go higher.

    Thanks for the info!

    Dave Ouellette
    New England Beekeeper.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    There is a lot of interest in breeding queens and honey bee stock from the northern climes. There have been several efforts started, then faded. Another effort is in the works ( Our best suggestion for getting bees this spring (either a nuc or packaged bees) is to make your move NOW. The stars are aligned for a shortage of bees this spring and if you wait until the spring conference (which is only 4 weeks away), it may be too late. The best place to start is your local bee club. Check the MBA web site for a listing. You can also check the classified ads on the MBA web site for a (partial) listing of sources. If you have trouble locating a source, check back and we can supply a few names.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Stephen Tilmann

    One of the problems I have with fazing out incandescent light bulbs is that they are used for more than just light. When I first learned of these bulbs ending, I went out an bought two large cases of 100 watt bulbs – a lifetime supply. You might want to do this for the 60 watters. You may also want to put two bulbs in your fridge melter and bring the temperature up to 110 or so. That won’t hurt your honey. You can run two fixtures with the controller just as easily as one. Also, you may also want to consider wiring a thermostat to automatically control the internal temperature. Use a water heater thermostat which is available at home improvement stores (Home Depot or Lowes). They are cheap and easy to install.

  • Paul Yanus

    Mr. Tilmann,
    I watch your videos, very interesting and informative, you stated to download building instructions to go to I am unable to locate the building instructions, are they still available and where can they be located?

    Thank you for your time,

  • Stephen Tilmann

    The downloadable plans are available on the MBA web site under the “Beekeeping” tab. Use this link…
    Steve Tilmann

  • Hello!
    I am wondering if you might give me some insight or direction on obtaining a hive for a community garden.
    Our local village has a new community garden – Caledonia Community Garden. We are located about 15 minutes south of Grand Rapids. The website is if you would like to check it out.
    We are interested in having a hive or two located nearby (we have a 37 acre parcel). We thought it would be a great needed addition to this project.
    The Caledonia Community Garden’s main focus is to “Lettuce Beet Hunger”. Community volunteers plant and harvest the crops. Crops are freely distributed to the community with a focus on the local ACCESS 6 Food Pantry.
    None of us have any experience in beekeeping (yet!). Might there be a beekeeper that would like to place and monitor a hive or two on our parcel? We would not ask anything in return besides the great work from their bees! It would be a wonderful thing for our community and great public exposure for the benefits of bees and beekeeping.
    Any direction you might give us would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks, Denise Brown

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Denise, we would suggest you contact the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association (MBA) district representative in your area: Anne Marie Fauvel. You can contact Anne Marie at her email: and/or phone: 616-566-2576.

    There are also a number of community gardens in the Detroit area. And the beekeeper contact down there is Rich Wieske at email

  • Nancy Huston

    We have bees congregating OUTSIDE of the hive on the face of the box. This started about a week ago; in checking they are staying outside of the hive at night……What would cause this and is it a concern? We just added an additional box last week so there is available space for them inside the hive….CONCERNED! Thanks in advance!

    Sorry to post here but I didn’t find another route and or an e-mail address that I could send this question to!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    What you describe is called “bearding”. It is perfectly normal. Bearding can be caused if the hive is congested, but this is probably not the case since you recently supered the hived. Sometimes the bees just do this. We would not worry about it.
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Mireille

    Hi there!

    My brother has a bee farm in Romania and we would like to surprise him on his birthday with some new equipment / accessories for his business. We live in MI, Sterling Heights area and would like to find out if there is a bee supply store in this area where we could purchase a few gift items for him.

    Also, can I get the contact info for the nearest bee club in this area?

    Thank you very much,


  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Mireille,
    Yes, there are two beekeeping suppliers that quickly come to mind: Turtlebee Farms (Tim Bennett, phone 810-266-4880, email, located near Byron, MI) and Dadant & Sons (Chris Barnes, 877-932-3268 located in Albion, MI). There are other supplies in the area as well.

    For local bee clubs in your area check out the SEMBA web site ( or the “local clubs” page on the MBA web site (

  • Mireille

    Thank you very much, Mr. Tilmann!

    I just looked up Turtlebee Farms and, although I was hoping there was something a bit closer, after all it’s only an hour or so away from us. I just wish they were open on Saturdays, we would go there…tomorrow! 🙂 Can’t wait to call and see when we can go and visit!

    Again, thank you!


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