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Michigan’s Managed Pollinator Protection Plan

Michigan is in the midst of creating a state-wide managed protection plan. The purpose of Michigan’s Managed Pollinator Protection Plan is to improve and protect the health of  pollinators in Michigan, while simultaneously protecting our crops, property, and human health. …

By , on August 10th, 2016

George (Joe) Landschoot Passes

We have been notified the George (Joe) Landschoot, age 66, has recently died of pancreatic cancer.  George (who went by the name of Joe) has been a long-time member and an active member of the Michigan Beekeepers’ Association.  Many beekeeper’s …

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MBA Summer Picnic!

The Michigan Beekeepers Association Summer Picnic will be this Saturday August 6 th ! We will meet at the Jaycee Pavilion behind The Harvey Kern Pavilion on Weiss St in Frankenmuth, Michigan. The Harvey Kern is located behind the Bavarian …

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The 5th Annual Michigan Honey Festival!

The 5th Annual Michigan Honey Festival!

Saturday August 6th 2016 at the Harvey Kern Pavilion in Frankenmuth

 There is something for everyone to enjoy!

NEWS: Michigan Honey Festival to help Michigan Veterans getting started in a beekeeping business through

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Honey bees foraging on extrafloral nectaries of Catalpa speciosa, Bignoniaceae

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

There was one post (June 23rd, 2016) of me begging everyone to show me if they saw honey bees foraging on catalpa leaves. No one responded.

On Sunday June 26, I finally had the luck …