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20 comments to Swarm Removal Map

  • Ashley

    Hi everyone, I’m in desperate need of help. I live in a stone house, that was built in the early20s. My family has owned this home for 45 years . I always remember a honey bee nest in a crack in the rocks towards the top of my home. My mother loved them, they never botherd us. Now the hive has become so large, it has chewed a anumber of holes in my walls, and are flying though by the hundreds several times a day. My husband and i.have been doing are best to combat the swarming inserts, but the hive is simply to large. Please help, i know this a odd time of year, but i have 4 children and a allergy to bees myself, I’m just scared someone will be hert

  • James Bourner

    hello I live in Parchment Michigan, right by Kalamazoo, I have a bee hive in the side of my house. I think it just got there last summer so it is probably a small hive. I’m pretty sure that they are honeybees because they don’t seem to be aggressive towards me. I would like them removed. My phone number is 269-808-0939.

  • Marie Bonrue

    My Aunt in South Haven, MI has a hive in her wall/roof and she’d like them removed.
    Please contact me with your phone number(s) so I can pass your info onto her.
    my email address is marieishere2@hotmail.com

  • Kandi Hart

    I live in Genesee, MI. Please respond with some information on honey bee removal, someone that wants them.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    You may want to directly contact someone on the swarm removal map. Or contact the MBA district representative and see if they know of someone who might help. A list of the district reps can be found here.

  • Patrick McClanahan

    I live in East Lansing and have a hive that is between my siding and wall. I have no idea how long it has been there as it is in our side yard (which we never are in) and it was discovered by construction workers doing some remodeling in the late fall. I don’t mind the bees but as it is in my home I fear that if the hive dies off I will wind up with a big mess on my hands. Is there anyone in the Greater Lansing area that does cut out’s?

  • Sammy Hiss

    Have you found someone to remove the hive in your wall? If not, give me a call and I may be able to help. 517-745-4410.

  • jen

    I do not know if anyone can help but I have a bunch of huge bees, bumblebees from what I can gather on the internet. Black yellow furry over an inch long. They have taken over half the back yard and are now coming around us on the deck. They chase us. They literally escort us back to the house if we get close. I’m in grand rapids fits anyone want these bees?

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Generally, bumblebees are fairly gentle creatures. If you feel they have to go, try to locate their nest, which is usually in the ground. You can try drenching the nest site or using a spray.

  • jen

    Thank you, I will try that. Maybe they are not bumblebees then, or they smell fear like a dog lol. They do not seem so gentle to me when then buzz me back to the other side of my yard. I will wait a bit and give your suggestion a try.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Trying taking a picture of one and sending it to… treasurer@mba-bees.org
    Steve Tilmann, Treasurer
    Michigan Beekeepers’ Association

  • Cynthia A.

    I getting ready to bury my husband in a Grand Traverse county cemetery & there is a bumblebee nest in the ground of the gravesite. I don’t want them killed. Is there a way to relocate them or to get them to move? Thanks. Cynthia

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Cynthia,
    Thanks for your concern. The short answer is “no”.

  • Doug Rustin

    I live in Mt. Pleasant and noticed tonight a nest of what I believe is paper wasps.
    I am looking for someone to help me with this before they become a real issue. Thanks in advance,,,,Doug

  • I’m in Mt. Pleasant too, and we have (I think) yellowjackets inside the wood porch where we come in and out of the house. I startled them today by dropping a bottle on the step and they came out and stung me. Now my wife says they must go or she won’t come home from her mother’s. A lot of children come and go here and I’m worried for them also. HELP!

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Yellow jackets can be a real pain (literally and figuratively). As fall approaches, they seek out protein which is why we see them around picnic tables going after the hot dogs. Also, the population of the colony is peaking and there are a lot of them around. You can try a wasp spray.

    As far as your wife staying away until they are dealt with… it is up to you when you tell her the deed has been done! If you play it right, you might be able to free up a day or two for fishing!

  • Kim Hohisel

    I’ve recently discovered honeybees in the soffit of my roof. I am looking for someone to remove them or offer advice. I live in the West Branch/Rose City area.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    First, you need to confirm you are dealing with honey bees and not, for example, yellow jackets or other types of wasps/hornets. Best way is to find a dead one below the entrance, or catch one, and then go to the web and search for honey bee pictures. Honey bees are dull yellow and black (could be all dark) and fuzzy. Yellow jackets are bright yellow and black with no hair (shiny).

    If you have honey bees, then you can either find a local beekeeper who might be willing to tackle their removal. This is called a “cut out”, since that is how the job is done. The soffit has to be opened up to get at the colony, which may not be near the opening you see.

    Another option is to leave them alone. Odds are the colony will not survive the winter. You can then plug up the entrance late next winter. Having a nest of honey bees around is not all bad, particularly if you are a gardener.

    If you have yellow jackets, then you might want to go after them with a wasp/hornet spray. Or call a professional bug exterminator.

  • jim

    I have a honey bee nest getting pretty large under my deck any bee keepers want to remove please email me hemmingsenj@dteenergy.com oxford,mi

  • kelly

    I work for Mclaren Hospital in Oakland County. There is a huge Bald faced

    hornets nest near our parking. Who can i contact for removal. I don’t want to kill them, but i hear these can be very aggressive.



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