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Canada Winter Losses for Winter 2010-2011

Here is a report from our neighbors to the north (Canada for those who are directionally challenged) about winter loss of managed honey bee colonies during the winter of 2010-2011 (last winter).  In Canada, there was a reported loss …

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USDA to compensate dead bee colonies

I just got this email from Mike Hansen, who got it from Phil Hempel, written by Alan…. Zach
Good afternoon,  Phil Hempel of Blossomland Supply forwarded the most recent Catch The Buzz article my way.   Please note the …
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2010 AIA Winter Loss Survey (please respond!)

Please take a few minutes to read the note to beekeepers below and complete the 2010 AIA Winter Loss Survey.???? This year the same survey tool is being used in the US, Canada and in Europe in hopes that …
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New York Times Op-Ed About Bees

Read what the New York Times is saying about colony collapse disorder, the future of beekeeping and the impact on agriculture…

Op-Ed Contributors

Too-Busy Bees

Jilian Tamaki

Published: March 24, 2010

IN …