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Bee feeding — trophallaxis

Zachary Huang
Michigan State University

Well, it is Valentines day (almost gone though) so I will post some photos of bee-kissing.

The technical term is actually trophallaxis — the exchange of food.

Honey bees do this pretty often, but …

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Feeding bees in winter

1. Introduction

Zachary Huang, January 18, 2012

January 6, 2012. It was 50 F (10C), but with strong sunlight it felt like 65 to me. Alex (my postdoc) and I checked one yard  and found 12 colonies alive. He …

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Honey Bee Biology 1 [video]

This first lecture by Prof. Roger Hoopingarner talks about names, lineages and geography of the honey bees.

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Honey bee nutrition

This is recently jointly published in American Bee Journal and Bee Culture, but also available on the eXtension website under honey bee health:

Honey Bee Nutrition by Zachary Huang

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Honey bees and social insects

Definition of eusociality

Many animals live together as a group, but they are not necessarily social (e.g. a school of fish) because there is a very precise definition when it comes ot sociality. True sociality (eusociality) is defined by …