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All those B-meetings

All those bee meetings

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

I have taken photos at almost every meetings (I think I may have missed 1-2, without doing any photographing).

Two days ago I suddenly had the urge to find, edit …

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2010 Membership Survey Results: Meet a Member

2010 MBA Member Survey – Part 1:  Meet an MBA Member

By Stephen E. Tilmann

When you attended the 2010 spring meeting of the MBA last March, you probably remember being asked to complete a membership survey.  This survey, …

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Queen Rearing Class – June 11, 12 & 13, 2010

The Center of Michigan Beekeepers (COMB) club has adopted and promotes the philosophy of practicing sustainble beekeeping. We recognize that challenges faced by our bees are, in part, a direct result of past practices using chemical-based hive management, a …