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2010 Membership Survey Results: Meet a Member

2010 MBA Member Survey – Part 1:  Meet an MBA Member

By Stephen E. Tilmann

When you attended the 2010 spring meeting of the MBA last March, you probably remember being asked to complete a membership survey.  This survey, …

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Call for help with the new MBA web site

Interested in helping with the new MBA web site?  We are looking for a few dedicated folks to help maintain the site.   All are welcome, even those with no “web site” skills.  Contact Steve Tilmann at email: for …

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New bee club forming in the Upper Penninsula

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Putting beekeeping back in Boy Scout Program

Dear Beesource Forums Member,

Beesource generally does not contact its membership by email.  However, I have learned about a situation that justifies making an exception.

I want you to consider helping Christopher Stowell, a young Boy Scout and beekeeper, …

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Bee organizations

Beekeeping Association in Michigan:

  1. Center of Michigan Beekeepers Association (Comb)
  2. Holland Areas Beekeepers Association (web)
  3. Kalamazoo Bee Club (web)
  4. Michiana Beekeepers (web)
  5. Mid Michigan Beekeepers Association (web)
  6. Saginaw Valley