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Michigan Spring Flowers: Winter Aconite

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

Citation: Huang, Z.Y. 2014. Michigan spring flowers: winter aconite. BeetheBest Blog, Accessed on {date of your visit}.

Published April 6, 2014
Revised April 8, 2014

Well, spring is finally here in Michigan, about …

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Green80 on Eupatorium

Zachary Huang, Ph.D.

Michigan State University

After the lucky draw 2 days ago, today I saw yet a different tagged bee foraging. This time on Eupatorium sp, also in my front yard… Maybe I should look for one …

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Cherry blossoms and honey bees

Photo and Texts by Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

No permission required to use the photos (click on photo and “save as”) for powerpoint, poster, or pamphlet, for educational purposes.

1. March 20th. There is one cherry tree between …

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First foragers of 2012

Zachary Huang, Michigan State University

Photos shot today, March 11, 2012. About 1 week earlier than 2010 (March 17, 2010, I posted a first bees of 2010, and also posted some crocus shots on March 28).

Last …

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Routes of Pesticide Exposure for Honey Bees Living Near Agricultural Fields

In the January 2012 issue of PLoS One, an online science journal, a report is published that describes in more detail the routes of exposure for honey bees for neonicotinoid insecticides, which are widely used and highly toxic …