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Beekeeping and Homeowners Insurance

The following is a true story…

Consider the case of Bernie the beekeeper (name changed upon request).

Bernie lives in an urban area with neighbors on all sides. When he started beekeeping about 5 years ago, he asked the …

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Q&A Regarding Mite Away Quick Strips

Following is a list of Mite Away Quick Strip FAQ’s as offered by David VanderDussen of   The information is based on testing conducted on the MAQS product and are the recommendations of the manufacturer.  I offer a

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Michigan Governor Signs “Cottage Foods” Legistlation (Updated July 28, 2010)

Michigan Governor Granhold signed a set of bills called the “Cottage Foods Industry” bills.  These bills make it legal for selling into certain markets home-produced and home-packaged foods without the need of a “commercial kitchen” license.  There are two …

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USDA to compensate dead bee colonies

I just got this email from Mike Hansen, who got it from Phil Hempel, written by Alan…. Zach
Good afternoon,  Phil Hempel of Blossomland Supply forwarded the most recent Catch The Buzz article my way.   Please note the …
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Putting beekeeping back in Boy Scout Program

Dear Beesource Forums Member,

Beesource generally does not contact its membership by email.  However, I have learned about a situation that justifies making an exception.

I want you to consider helping Christopher Stowell, a young Boy Scout and beekeeper, …