Lectures by Prof. Roger Hoopingarner

2011 ANR Week Beekeeping Conference

  • Event Summary, 4 min
  • High Tech Hive, Jerry Bromenshank (Keynote Speaker), 1 hr 7 min
  • Making and Wintering Splits, Mel Disselkohn, 57 min
  • Queen Rearing by Jerry Freeman, 1 hr
  • Varroa Mite Control by Jerry Freeman, 44 min

Semba Works

  • Package installation, 10 min

Downloaded Plans

7 comments to Videos

  • brian pratt

    i found rogers video extremely helpful ! ! please tape more of this wonderful educator..i learn a tremendous amount of stuff listening to him..very excellent idea thank you, sincerely, b.p.

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Thanks, Brian.
    There are a series of lectures schedule (we just did another one this past Monday, February 14). Keep checking back!
    Steve Tilmann


    Thanks for taking the time to produce & post

  • Michael Biddulph

    Dear Steve
    I have been looking at your excellent videos on making beehives and other things, but can’t find the one on building a roof. I have found the plans but not the video. Can you send me the link? From wet and cold Devon, England.
    Kind regards
    Michael Biddulph

  • Stephen Tilmann

    Hi Michael,
    This must be the season for top covers; yours is the third request for a top cover video in the past few weeks. No video on the top covers, just the downloadable plans which you found. The video is in the works, but not yet done. The top cover is a pretty straightforward project, so you should do just fine.

  • Michael Biddulph

    Hi Steve
    So it wasn’t just my incompetence using the internet! I shall have a go. I have to work out how to do it without your wonderful workshop and change the measurements as I use British National hives. Thanks again for your great videos; very clear and comprehensive.
    Regards to all you Michigan bee keepers.

  • Jannie Walquist

    We had a tree come down last night during a storm. It has a bees nest in it, bees are still present. Would it be worth saving, tried to attach a picture, but could not upload it. Any info is appreciated. I live in New Haven MI 48048.

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