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Audrey Heckwolf &
Marge Kesler
President & Secretary

Marge Kesler and Audrey Heckwolf have been beekeeping for five years and in 2020 decided to develop their hobby into something really special.

They started Bestbees creating products from their hives to make their hobby financially sustainable and support all kinds of pollinators through education. Their activity-driven children’s program has been a motivating mission and today they produce and sell many products from their hives and donate 100% of the proceeds to bee conservation and education.

Both Marge and Audrey are both full time chefs and play in the bee yard in their free time.

Kimi Baker
Builder of Buzz & Webmistress

Kimi Baker is a beekeeper, fledgling homesteader and local-food advocate. By day, she works in media and marketing where she helps connect communities with information. 

She grew up on a fourth-generation fruit farm in northern Michigan where she developed an appreciation of agriculture and love of honeybees. Now with her own small homestead and apiary, she passionately supports all types of pollinators. 

Kimi loves helping kids and other curious minds learn about pollinators, agriculture and where food comes from. She lives in southwest Michigan with her husband, two kids and a plethora of animals (and probably more to come).

Becky Green
Ambassador Outreach & Communication

Becky grew up in Ann Arbor but left Michigan for college and stayed away for 40 years, returning in 2019 to take over care of the rural property her parents purchased in 1984.  A retired physician, she now stays busy with a vegetable garden, 20-30 beehives, 31 chickens, 5 goats, 2 dogs and 10 young ducks.

She has been editor of the Michigan Beekeepers Association newsletter since 2022.  She is passionate about learning as much as she can about how to be a good steward for her bees and other pollinators, and about sharing what she learns.  

Rich Wieske
Bee Curious Drone & MBA President

Rich was a lifelong camera operator and media production company owner and considered himself a quiet introvert who hated meetings. That all changed when he discovered mead and apis mellifera. Now Rich declares “the bees made me do it!” A self-proclaimed “tree hugger", he enjoys hunting for mushrooms and has even traveled around the world on a ship. In his spare time, Rich enjoys making candles and chocolate truffles. Rich serves as the current president of the Michigan Beekeepers Association (MBA) , the Educational Director of the Southeastern Michigan Beekeepers Association (SEMBA) and the Vice President of the Eastern Apicultural Society (EAS). He loves going to conferences and talking with beekeepers: "some of the greatest people in the world!” And yes, Rich has visited all 36 bee clubs in the state of Michigan!

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